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Stories from our journey

We've met hundreds of great small business owners so far along the way.

Here are a few of the team's favorite stories - check back for updates every week!



The Candy Drawer Confectionary | The Cusp of Extinction | Duke's Grocery

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Stories from The Road

We've met hundreds of great small business owners so far along the way.

Here are a few of the team's favorite stories - check back for updates every week!

Drive-Thru Compliments!

Duke's Grocery

One afternoon while we were outside greeting customers, a gentleman in a pick-up truck waiting at a red light waived us over to show us the Vistaprint business cards he had recently printed for his DC-based business, Duke's Grocery. It's so much fun to see Vistaprint 'in the wild' like this!

Antiques Find A Home Online

The Cusp of Extinction

Tim Green has been bringing Asian antiques, artwork and decorative accents to those who seek them for over 40 years. And seeking Tim's curated selections got a whole lot easier on Tuesday when he launched his new website with us!

Tim had been thinking a lot recently about getting his Maryland antiques shop, Cusp of Extinction, online. A big fan of serendipity, Tim was delighted when he happened upon the Vistaprint RV while running his morning errands! He came on board, sat down with a website expert, and walked out about an hour later with a new home on the web -

You Don't See That Every Day

The Candy Drawer Confectionary

It's not every day that you get to see your face on the side of a 40-foot RV. For Maura McKnight of The Candy Drawer Confectionary, that day came last Tuesday when she visited the Vistaprint On The Road team in D.C.'s Logan Circle neighborhood! 

Not only was Maura kind enough to allow us to feature her on our ride, she also fueled the team with some incredible treats when she stopped by with her friends - also entrepreneurs - to see her photo in person. It was such a delight to spend the afternoon with you, Maura! 


The Roto King | OneSong Biscotti | KNC Associates

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KNC Associates

Kim Newland-Carter of KNC Associates started her own psychotherapy practice because she wanted to be her own boss and work at her own pace. She loves the freedom that being a small business owner allows. 

While on the RV, Kim sat with us to design banners, labels and pens to help boost her business at a bit expo event with several of her peers in the same field. She also got a free, professional head shot, and left the RV feeling prepared for her expo and excited about marketing opportunities in the future. 

A Sweet Treat for a Connecticut Baker

OneSong Biscotti

Maria Eberle is a the owner of a OneSong Biscotti bakery in Connecticut. She visited us on the RV to see some of our products, and then decided that she wanted to create some marketing materials to showcase her homemade biscotti's at an upcoming farmers market.

We first updated the design of Maria's existing business card and then showed her how she can use this new design to create a matching suite of other products, like a banner and a t-shirt - great products for a farmers market! The following day, Maria came back to the RV and shared with us some homemade treats for the entire team.

Contact Information that Sticks

The Roto King

Eddie Ruiz, owns a plumbing service company called, the Roto King. He came by the RV and he was wearing an embroidered polo shirt that he had gotten from Vistaprint. He has been a customer of ours for years and since his business is one where people don’t often need to contact him – but when they do, he wants them to have his information handy – he was looking for magnetic business cards. Since he had already created a business card with us, it was easy to have our customer support team create a magnet for him!