Vistaprint on the Road

With Good Morning America!


Our Journey

Each week, we travel to a new location with a new Vistaprint team. Follow along here!

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

Waltham, MA : May 30th-June 3rd

We spent the first week of our journey in Waltham, MA, out front of our corporate office. While many employees visited the RV on our campus, the Vistaprint Strategy team staffed the RV, and asked customers to share with us their small business story. This is where we met some of our very first customers!

Arlington, MA : June 6th-June 10th

We kicked off the tour by traveling down the road to Arlington, with the Vistaprint team known as Hatchery, our in-house innovation team. The Hatchery team learned from customers what is important to them about design, and helped to recreate several products for customers that stopped by. The customers who came on board encouraged us that the rest of our journey would be a success!

West Hartford, CT : June 13th-June 24th

Our Analytics and Customer Insights team staffed the RV in West Hartford. We were already excited to meet more customers, but when we arrived, the team was overwhelmed by all of the incredible customers who came to visit us on the RV, so we stayed an extra week! 

Washington, D.C. : June 27th-July 1st

After all of the excitement in CT, we couldn’t wait to get to our nation’s capital. The Vistaprint Digital team led this week on the RV, helping customers to design websites for their small businesses, on our newest DIY Website Builder (that this site was built with!). This was a busy week for the Digital team who met with nearly 80 customers and published x websites!